Helical H Series Stainless Steel Flexible Beam Couplings



Attachment Method Integral Clamp
Material Information Finish: Natural, Material: 17-4pH Stainless Steel
Dimensional Information Length: 1.62in., Outside Diameter: 1.25in.
Standard Bore Diameters Major Bore Diameter: 0.625in., Minor Bore Diameter: 0.625in.

Helical H Series Flexible Coupling Attachment Data

  • A1 Type: Cap Screw
  • A1 Screw Material: Alloy Steel
  • A1 Screw Size: 10-32
  • A1 Seating Torque : 56lb/in.
  • A1 Hex Wrench Size: 5/32”
  • A1 Center Line (Inch): .22in.
  • A2 Type: Cap Screw
  • A2 Screw Material: Alloy Steel
  • A2 Screw Size: 10-32
  • A2 Seating Torque: 56lb/in.
  • A2 Hex Wrench: 5/32”
  • A2 Center Line (inch): .22in.

Helical H Series Flexible Coupling Torque

  • Momentary Dynamic: 57 lb/in.
  • Non-Reversing: 29lb/in.
  • Reversing: 14lb/in.
  • Rated Speed: 10000 RPM

Helical H Series Flexible Coupling Misalignment

  • Angular Misalignment: 5 deg
  • Parallel Misalignment: .010in.
  • Axial Motion: .010in.

Helical H Series Flexible Coupling Additional Specifications

  • Inertia: 2.6x10E-4 lb/in. sec^2
  • Torsional Rate: 0.13 degree/lb in.
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 600F

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