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Our company pays specific interest to customers’ requirements, listening to the distinct needs of every buyer and guaranteeing total fulfillment. There is a technical centre of province degree, EPG academician working station, experiment station for EPG publish physicians, and nationwide 863 system set up in EPG group. With these platforms and robust specialized capability, the far more than 400 specialists have created all variety of particular large precise and higher energy items, carried out mildew packages for crucial components in the automobile and countrywide business revitalizing software, resulting more than 5000 developed more than, amid which 33 things are autonomous patent technology with 4 patent accredited . In 2008, it was awarded with “National Export Commodity Inspection-free Enterprise”.

one.Because it adopts EPT one-channel impeller, and employing two sets of EPTT supplies of carbide mechanical seal gadget for seal, it has the deserves if no plug, sturdy, correct strains, usefulness restore, large efficiency, important vitality saving.

two.The pump utilizes a EPT framework and a new impeller mechanical seal, can properly contain solids and EPTT EPTT fiber.

three.All of its efficiency indexes have achieved the EPTd level of foreign products by way of the check.

Merchandise specifics:
one. Special solitary blade or double blade impeller structure, significantly improved dust capability, pump five moments the diameter fiber content with diameter pump about 50% of the diameter of the sound particles.

2. EPT seal anticorrosive hard tungsten carbide materials, sealing advancements for double seal its EPTT operate in the oil chamber to permit safe steady operation of far more than 8, 000 hrs.

3. The general construction of compact, modest measurement, reduced sound, strength-saving effect is impressive, easy servicing, do not want to construct pumping stations, to dive can function, tremendously decrease the task EPT.

4. The pump seal oil chamber is offered with a substantial-precision anti-jamming leaking detection sensor, and the stator winding thermal elements embedded inside of the complete defense of the pump motor.

five. Equipped with computerized protection safety control cupboard, pump leakage, leakage, overload and in excess of-temperature complete security, improve the basic safety and dependability of the solution in accordance to consumer demands.

six. Float change based on the wanted amount modifications automatically control the pump start off and quit with no supervised and very easy to use.

7. EPTT coupling installation system equipped with twin rails according to consumer demands, it is to install, fix a excellent convenience, people do not have to get into the sump.

eight. Complete EPT inside, and to make sure that the motor will not overload.

9. There are two different installation, the set up of fastened computerized coupling method, cell free installation technique.

Functionality Knowledge:
Caliber: twenty five-500mm
Flow: 8-4000m3/h
EPT: 7-60m
EPTT: .seventy five-250KW
Max medium temperature: 60 deg C

Model dia. of drainpipe (mm) rated ability rated head motor EPTT speed max. dia. of sound weight
(m3/h) (m) (kw) (r/min) (mm) (kg)
50QW15-15-1.5 fifty fifteen 15 one.five 2840 twenty 60
50QW18-fifteen-one.5 50 eighteen fifteen
50QW25-7-1.5 fifty twenty five 7
50QW15-10-1.five 50 25 ten
50QW22-10-two.2 fifty fifteen 22 two.2 2840 70
50QW25-15-two.two fifty 22 15
50QW27-15-2.2 fifty 27 15
50QW42-9-two.two 50 forty two nine
80QW50-ten-three eighty fifty 10 3 1430 30 110
100QW70-seven-three 100 70 7
50QW24-twenty-4 fifty 24 twenty 4 1440 twenty a hundred thirty
50QW25-22-4 50 25 22
50QW40-15-four 50 40 15
80QW60-thirteen-4 80 sixty 13
100QW70-ten-four a hundred 70 ten 35 a hundred thirty
100QW100-seven-four 100 one hundred seven 40
100QW25-30-five.5 one hundred twenty five thirty five.five 1440 thirty one hundred eighty
80QW45-22-five.five 80 45 22
100QW30-22-five.5 one hundred thirty 22
100QW65-fifteen-five.five one hundred sixty five fifteen 35
150QW120-ten-5.5 a hundred and fifty 120 10 forty
150QW140-seven-five.5 150 140 7 40
50QW30-thirty-7.five 50 30 thirty 7.5 1440 thirty
80QW38-thirty-7.five eighty 38 thirty
80QW50-22-seven.five eighty fifty 22
100QW70-twenty-seven.five one hundred 70 twenty
150QW145-ten-seven.5 a hundred and fifty one hundred forty five ten
150QW210-seven-seven.five a hundred and fifty 210 seven forty five 208
100QW50-35-eleven one hundred 50 35 eleven 1460 30 293
100QW40-36-11 100 40 36
100QW100-22-eleven one hundred a hundred 22 35
100QW70-22-eleven 100 70 22
150QW100-fifteen-11 150 a hundred fifteen
200QW300-7-eleven two hundred 300 seven fifty five 290
200QW360-six-11 two hundred 360 6
100QW87-28-fifteen one hundred 87 28 fifteen 40 360
100QW100-28-fifteen a hundred a hundred 28
100QW140-eighteen-15 a hundred 140 eighteen

EPTT details:

EPTT EPT EPTT EPTT, Ltd is a single of the major producers and exporters in the field of market pumps with manufacturing faXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.ties in mainland EPTT. We are EPTTized in oil pump, diaphragm pump, diesel motor pump, centrifugal pump, screw pump, chemical pump and many others.

  in Denpasar Indonesia  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Electric Submersible Pump manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler